Emma is a freelance writer based in Brighton, a vibrant seaside city on the South Coast of England. She is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers and former British Beer Writer of the Year.

Emma writes features, website copy, tasting notes, reviews, book chapters, and all forms of creative non-fiction. Her work has been published in national and international publications including Original Gravity Magazine (UK & Canada), Brew Your Own Magazine (USA), Beer Magazine (UK), Zymurgy (USA), Imbibe Magazine (UK) & DIVA Magazine (UK). She also contributed a feature to the Good Beer Guide 2020.

Emma’s writing focusses on beer, cider, pubs and the wider drinks industry. She has a particular interest in the areas of sustainability and diversity.

Selected Published Writing
To Those Who Wait — Making Beer Sustainable with Sussex’s Good Things Brewing Co. – Pellicle Magazine (January 2021)

Talking with Chris quickly makes you realise that—in addition to producing delicious beer—he is indeed on a quest. As he slowly knits together tradition and innovation, romance and practicality, rural and urban, it’s clear that his mission is far from over. His optimism is contagious and that’s all part of the plan.’ 

Opinion: Emma Inch celebrates what happens when cidermakers and brewers combine – Imbibe Magazine (October 2020)

‘I’ve been offered many bridges in my time, mostly beers that claim to join the dots with wine, spirits or even cocktails. Many of these turn out to be unsatisfying sour or lactose-sweet mixes that are neither one thing nor the other, and – like a child who can’t tolerate her baked beans touching her chips – I usually push them aside after one sip. However, a couple of years ago I accidentally stumbled across a bridge that took me to a place I loved so much I had trouble finding my way back.’

A Place At The Table – Original Gravity Magazine (April 2020)

‘Because, in a pub, even when there are not enough seats, there is always enough room for friends.’

Dark Star Hophead at The Evening Star – Flagship February (February 2020)

Some beers are polite. They fade pleasantly into the background as they accompany our conversations, never dominating, never shouting. Other beers push to the front, demanding to be heard, making sure you won’t ignore them. But some of the best beers, like the pin-bright evening star hanging in a clear sky, or a familiar story repeated to fade, simply light your way home.

Craft Ales in Wales – Visit Wales Website (August 2019)

‘From Ceridwen the enchantress who cooked up magic in her cauldron of transformation, to the new microbreweries creating equally charmed drinks, Wales has a long and proud history of brewing.’

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