Podcast Training

Emma is available to deliver bespoke podcast training to individuals or groups, either face-to-face or online.

Emma has worked in podcasting – as both a producer and a presenter – for a number of years, and produces audio for businesses and individuals (see Audio Production). Having also worked as a Senior Lecturer at a British university for nearly a decade, she is an experienced teacher. She holds a post-graduate qualification in teaching and learning.

If you would like Emma to provide some training for you or your company, please get in touch.

“Emma is a great trainer. She helps you learn in a fun and engaging way, with lots of great facts and information combined with tried and tested practical tips. Would highly recommend.”

Jo Bruce – Jo Bruce Communications

In May 2020, Emma delivered an online session – entitled ‘A (Very) Brief Introduction to Podcasting’ – to members of the British Guild of Beer Writers.

No surprise that someone who talks so logically yet colourfully on her own radio show should teach quite so cleverly as well. The word Podcast felt angular and guttural, like Outcast or Downcast, and I had thought them dangerous and subversive creatures; but they are not. Thankfully, I now feel at ease with the little blighters as PODS – if properly fed and abluted – clearly offer a haven for those with special passions, all fed deep into your ear sockets by someone similarly obsessed, just like joining a club, but for free. Emma fed us with facts, soundbites, and how to do it – and all so merrily presented and paced. This was everything you ever wanted to know about Pods, but were afraid to ask. I enjoyed it. I learnt. I am scared no longer.

Rupert Ponsonby – R&R Teamwork
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