‘The Usual’ – CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide 2020

My piece in CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide 2020 tackled diversity in all its many guises.

We lose nothing by embracing this diversity. In the same way that my cocoa nib Belgian-style sour doesn’t make your pint of bitter taste any less appealing, the diversity of people now actively involved in the UK beer scene in no way undermines the brewing and drinking traditions of the past couple of hundred years. On the contrary, it serves to strengthen it. Just like British beer itself, that blending of tradition and modernity, art and science, the past and the future, will propel us forward far more than looking backwards. We lose nothing by welcoming difference. And we have absolutely everything to gain. Without it, beer and the pubs that are so inextricably caught up in its well-being, will fail.

You can purchase the Good Beer Guide 2020 from the CAMRA bookshop.

The PUBcast!

Together with PUB19 – the only dedicated show for the UK pub industry – I have produced a series of short podcasts exploring the challenges and opportunities facing publicans today.

The podcasts take a look behind the headlines at the trends shaping today’s market and explore issues such as food, drinks, design, technology and more. With guest including Geetie Singh-Watson MBE  (founder of the UK’s first and only organic pub), Laura Willoughby MBE (co-founder of Club Soda), Lee Cash (founder of Peach Pubs), Joycelyn Neve (founder of the Seafood Pub Company), Jane Peyton (drinks writer and educator) and Pete Brown (Chair of the British Guild of Beer Writers), the conversation is sure to be lively and informative.

You can listen right here.