About Me


I am a freelance beer writer and broadcaster based in Brighton, a vibrant seaside city on the South Coast of England. I am a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers

My interest in beer began in my late teens when I discovered real ale. I still enjoy well-kept cask ale but, like many others, over the past few years I’ve been constantly astounded by the innovation of the contemporary beer scene. When I first tasted beers from some of the Bermondsey greats such as KernelPartizan and BBNo (as part of the now legendary Bermondsey Beer Mile), I described myself as suddenly ‘drinking in colour’ when previously I’d been unaware I was ‘drinking in black and white’. This sent me on a quest – one that luckily has no end in sight – to find the historical roots and the future directions of good beer.

I first tried my hand at home brewing as a student – though not always with success. I rediscovered it a few years ago and am now an active member of Homebrew Brighton, and have a comfortable brew shed at the bottom of my garden.


In November 2015 I achieved my General Certificate in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. Since then, I have gained work experience, and been involved with collaboration brews with a number of local breweries. My interest in beer therefore lies not only in its tasting, but also in its creation. As a university academic from a social science background I am also interested in how beer has shaped, and continues to shape, our development within societies and communities across the world.

I produce and present Fermentation Radio Show – a monthly beer and brewing show on Radio Reverb covering all the very best aspects of the contemporary beer scene.