‘Noticing’ – Sheffield Beer Week Guide 2019

I was really pleased to be asked to contribute a piece for this year’s Sheffield Beer Week guide. As a founder of a beer week myself, I know the amount of work that goes into making these events happen, and just how much they can bring to a city in terms of raising it’s profile as a beer destination.

I met Jules Gray – the organiser of Sheffield Beer Week and owner of the award-winning Hop Hideout – back in October at the inaugural Beer Weeks Forum in Norwich. She shared her experience of running such a successful event and I was really taken with her enthusiasm and drive for making things happen.

Because art is about noticing.
Noticing when the choices made by a brewer many weeks beforehand throw shadows forward through time. When she has trusted that the aroma will bloom, the bitterness will solidify, the malt sweetness will dance. When she has believed that the paint she has daubed will dry in precisely the way she imagined.

Given Sheffield’s place as a city of art as well as a city of beer, I drew the two together in my piece, ‘Noticing’. Because beer is nothing if it’s not also a work of art.

You can read the piece in its entirety right here.

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