Fermentation Beer & Brewing Show – June 2018

This show first aired on Brighton’s Radio Reverb on Sunday 24 June 2018. Click on the logo below to listen:

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Alternatively, you can catch up on iTunes or Spotify.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio returned to Radio Reverb at 3pm on Sunday 24 June, and on this show there is beer brewed with local ingredients, beer brewed with community spirit and, overall, beer brewed with intelligence.

Four very different brewers share their unique perspectives on the world of contemporary beer:


  • Lost + Found Brewery are currently ranked number 25 in the Untapped ratings of Best English Breweries. According to their website, they aim to ‘make beers that challenge and excite, hands-in-the-air beer designed to delight’. Emma caught up with co-founder, Chris Angelkov, who told her about his approach to brewing;
  • Thornbridge Brewery has, to a large extent, led the way in the resurgence of independent brewing in the United Kingdom. Constantly innovating, and universally respected, the brewery has carved out a reputation for consistently producing quality beer. Fermentation’s resident beer sommelier, Jane Peyton, caught up with head brewer, Rob Lovatt for a chat about where the brewery is going next;
  • D93689EC-1E2C-4897-993C-6AACA96F4237Brighton’s newest brewery, Loud Shirt, opened its doors around six months ago. The brainchild of two friends looking to change their careers, Loud Shirt’s eye-catching labels and honest approach soon made it friends on the city’s beer scene. Emma met co-founder and head brewer, Martyn Batchelor to talk accountancy, brewing and, of course, loud shirts;
  • Sometimes we have the privilege of meeting a brewer who immediately demonstrates an intelligence and understanding – not only about the brewing process, but about the meaning of beer and the place it occupies in both the history and contemporary experience of everyday life. Truman’s lead brewer, Charlotte Cook, is one of those brewers. Emma caught up with her at Craft Beer Rising – on the site of the original Truman’s Brewery – back in February and they discussed how she brings both heritage and modernity together in her brewing;


  • HipstamaticPhoto-550531325.733307Studio guest, Charlie Pyment, bar manager of Brighton’s one and only community pub – The Bevy – tells us how The Bevy is more than just a pub, and
  • Resident home brewer, James Torr, shares some examples of brewing locally.



We taste four beers on air:



  • Lost + Found – R27: TRIo.J NEIPA – The Refractive Index of Juice
  • Loud Shirt Brewing Co. – Ecstasy Stout
  • Thornbridge – Fika (cold-brewed coffee stout)
  • James Torr – Dandelion Hayson (hay and dandelion saison) – not commercially available

You can tune into the show at 3pm on the fourth Sunday of every month via Radio Reverb on 97.2FM or DAB+ (in Brighton & Hove) or via radioreverb.com (worldwide). Alternatively, you can catch up via iTunes Spotify or Podomatic.


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