Fermentation Beer & Brewing Show – January 2018

UPDATE – this show first aired on Brighton’s Radio Reverb on Sunday 28 January 2018. To listen to it, you can catch up iTunes or Podomatic.

The first Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio Show of 2018 airs at 3pm on Sunday 28 January. As usual, it’s a packed hour, full of hoppy flavour with just that perfect tang of sourness…


On this month’s show:

  • I hook up with award-winning brewer, Jenn Merrick – previously of Dark Star, Meantime, and, most famously, Beavertown. We discuss gentrification, diversity and apprenticeships in brewing, and she shares her plans for her exciting new project, Earth Station, a new London brewery that looks set to be so much more than just another new London brewery;
  • I talk beer, barrel-aging and legendary brewmasters with Brooklyn Brewery‘s Rachael Weseloh;


  • resident experimental homebrewer, James Torr, shares his plans to brew a lambic-inspired, mixed fermentation sour, and introduces me to Rachel Knowles from Trenchmore Farm who has provided the heritage grains for the project;
  • I get the lowdown on ‘Save the Greys’ – a campaign to save one of Brighton’s most important pubs – a place dear to the hearts of music lovers and Belgian beer aficionados alike;
  • we hear what makes the Grainfather a sought-after piece of kit for both novice and experienced homebrewers, and
  • resident beer sommelier, Jane Peyton, makes some lip-puckeringly good sour beer and food pairing suggestions to awaken your tastebuds!



You can tune into the show via Radio Reverb on 97.2fm or DAB+ (in Brighton & Hove) or via radioreverb.com (worldwide). Alternatively, you can catch up later via iTunes or Podomatic.

And if you want to see how the show gets produced, check out this short time lapse video of us enjoying ourselves in the Radio Reverb studios (l-r: Emma Inch, Jane Peyton & James Torr).

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