Taste the World – Part Two: Pilsner

My exploration of the world’s beer styles continued last night with a batch of Czech, German and American pilsners. Yet again the German styles kicked the others out of the park for me with their lingering hop flavour and sand dry finish. The Czech pilsners in particular tasted almost buttery sweet in comparison.

But again, the stories behind these beers threaten to overshadow an assessment of their flavour. It’s hard to imagine the excitement of the people of Plzen in 1842 when they tasted Josef Groll’s Pilsner Urquell – made possible by new yeast and novel malting techniques – for the very first time. And it’s equally difficult to place oneself in post-WW1 America, when German immigrant brewers were forced to put aside their brewing for the duration of Prohibition – a situation that had such an impact that Pre-Prohibition Lager is now classified as an ‘historical style’ with very few commercial examples.

My stand-out beer of the night was the Konig Pilsener, brewed in Duisburg-Beeck in Germany in accordance, of course, with the Rheinheitsgebot (German purity law). It’s clean and crisp with a wonderfully lingering herbal hop bitterness, and a refreshingly dry finish. I was driven to finish the whole bottle…

The full list of beers tasted is:

Czech Premium Pale Lager – Pilsner Urquell & Budweiser Budvar

German Pils – Konig Pilsener & Jever Pilsener

Pre-Prohibition Lager – Anchor California Lager

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